Citizen science

We promote and get involved in projects that include the participation of people in the study of the environment. From microplastics in the sea to seabirds:


We offer courses in various areas, from natural parks or companies to educational centers.

  • Informants
  • Good connoisseurs
  • Marine activity guides
  • Snorkeling guides
  • Underwater guides
  • Pedagogical activities

Divulging and awareness

The communication of the results of scientific research to the population and the search for greater environmental awareness is one of the priorities to achieve change in society.


The foundation’s aim is to obtain data on the Cymodocea nodosa meadow in the Gulf of Roses, in different areas, both on the phanerógam itself and on the populations that live there.

Management of the territory

Alive promotes the project for the custody of the territory with the aim of preserving the natural, cultural and landscape values ​​of the territory as well as making responsible use of it.