Citizen science

Biodiversity in Gram

The main project of the foundation in the marine area has a space in the Minka observatory with the different meadows of Cymodocea nodosa where we report species. Everyone can contribute comments freely.

Seabird tracking

This project with the Catalan Institute of Ornithology aims to establish a methodology for monitoring seabirds that move along the Catalan coast and put it into practice with a group of volunteers

Outings with volunteers as part of the ANERIS project, to take a census of the species present in the gram meadow with the aim of bringing closer, connecting and promoting marine culture towards the biodiversity that the Catalan coast contains.

Surfing for Science

Citizen science project to assess microplastic pollution. We create a sampling station in l’Escala, with the collaboration of Club Nàutic l’Escala. Open to CN L’Escala members and volunteers of the Alive foundation.

This is our first citizen science project, now on iNaturalist: the Sealife Collection
It is an online database of marine fauna and flora.