In 2021, the Alive Foundation opened the first call for research grants for the Gram (Cymodocea nodosa) of the Bay of Roses and the Bay of Pals, endowed with 10,000 euros.

"Whether you work in an academic research group, an environmental services company or perhaps as a freelance biologist, you could be eligible to win one of the scholarships we give. In addition, the Foundation will help you with an infrastructure to be able to do the field work, putting at your disposal a specialized boat and crew.

Why is a research grant necessary?

Just in 2018, the first complete mapping of the phanerogams of the Bay of Roses was completed and the extraordinary result of the work was disseminated, in the Bay of Roses we have a continuous meadow of 800 ha of Gram .

Beyond the knowledge that has been gathered in other Gram meadows on the Catalan, Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, we know very little about the functioning of this extensive meadow on the Empordanès coast. Certainly many species of economic interest develop a large part of their cycle there, and the ability to stabilize the substrate, capture CO₂ , purify water and many other aspects of ecology must also be important. location for which we have no data.

This research grant aims to be a first step to assess the Gram meadow of the Empordà. How it works? What economic impact does it have? Are there conservation issues?

You can read the rules of the 2021 scholarship here and the winning project of the 2021 call