The team of the gram

Three collaborators work on the Gram project.

Boris Weitzmann has been a biologist, diver and publicist of the sea for more than thirty years. He has worked for the CSIC and the University of Barcelona. He currently manages the Sepia Project with the fishermen of l’Empordà and is an independent educator in the two Natural Maritime-Terrestrial Parks of Catalonia (in Medes, Montgrí and Baix Ter and Cap de Creus). Too . It is determined to improve the existing relationship between people and the sea. With the Gram Project he sees a good opportunity to bring the sea closer to the general public. He has recently been appointed co-director of the Citizen Science Department of the World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS).

Xavier Salvador Costa, diver and freediver, graduated in Biology from the UdG, specializes in monitoring the marine environment, carrying out species censuses, environmental diagnostics, community mapping and monitoring Posidonia grasslands. He loves the search and classification of new species and has an archive of more than 1500 species photographed and classified in Spanish waters, the vast majority of them in Catalonia.

Bernat Garrigós is a biologist from the UB and a master’s degree in environmental management from Duke University. He is the promoter and founder of the Alive Foundation and is obsessed with sharing the knowledge he acquires during his dives with the general public. The conservation of the environment is without a doubt through the knowledge and the love of what we are getting to know.