Resources and material

MedFoto exhibition

Exhibition of photographs that transport the visitor to a space that encourages a responsible and respectful attitude towards the sea, that highlights the fragile relationship that exists between the Mediterranean Sea and people and that makes known the natural and landscape values ​​of the sea

A Pop of Gram: The exhibition

Four panels explain the “Un Pop de Gram” project, with which the population of this cephalopod has been studied in the bays of Roses and Pals, and describe essential aspects that you need to know about the common octopus or rock octopus.

Samples from Surfing for Science

Traveling exhibition from September 1, 2023.

Eight tables show different types of waste collected during the project’s outings. The aim is to make the population aware of the global problem of microplastics.

Pedagogical resources

Activity ideas and material to work on nature conservation in the classroom.