Sealife Collection

The foundation's first project

The Sealife Collection is a participatory project where contributors can upload their underwater photographs to a global database. The contents are georeferenced and identified at the level the user reaches, then the website community provides comments, identifications, and ultimately interacts with the contents, giving them value and improving them.

The aim of the project is to help the underwater community to share their knowledge, help with identifications and in the end, through this improvement of their knowledge, improve the possibility of conservation of their species.

Visit the Sealife Collection project here on iNaturalist.

The beginnings of Sealife

This project was born with Josep del Hoyo, founder of Alive, bird-loving encyclopedist. Del Hoyo dedicated the best part of his life to the creation of the publishing house Lynx Edicions and the magnum opus of world ornithology, the Handbook of the Birds of the World of which he is also the main author . The Lynx publishing house is a platform for publishing naturalistic books, such as the renowned Handbook of birds, a Handbook of all the mammals of the world, dozens of books from other biological groups and a couple of internet pages that were the basis of the first Alive Foundation project.

Initially the Sealife Collection had its own unique site on the web, but at the end of 2019 it migrated into a global project called iNaturalist.

Currently it can also be found in the Minka observatory.