Work for the conservation of natural systems through direct management and the dissemination of knowledge.

Our mission is the conservation and management of natural habitats and their biodiversity as well as the functionality of ecosystems through the promotion of research, the dissemination of knowledge, environmental education, biodiversity management and territory management.


To be benchmarks in the promotion of sustainability, recognizing that the human being is an integral part of nature.

We envision a future where communities live in harmony with nature, with a deep understanding of their ecosystems and the intrinsic values ​​of biodiversity. Through our dedication to environmental education and responsible land management, we aspire to create a world where future generations thrive in an environment rich in biological and cultural diversity.



Our commitment to today’s society is the drive for initiatives that lead us towards environmental sustainability. We work so that our projects respond to the founding objectives and we transfer our objectives and values ​​to all the people who collaborate with us.

Environmental responsibility

We have the responsibility to take care of the environment to improve the world for new generations, and it is through our actions that we help to improve the management of our environment. In this sense, we work hard to avoid and/or minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

Transparency and honesty

Transparency, ethics and honesty are values ​​that guide our way of doing things. Being a reference involves generating trust, and this requires ethical, honest and socially responsible behaviour. For this reason, we are clear in our internal functioning, in the destination of economic resources and in the priority of actions. We are rigorous in fulfilling our commitments and obligations, both in our daily work and in the relationship with our collaborators.

Foundation purposes

Obtaining, compiling, disseminating and disseminating knowledge related to biodiversity, through the collection, study and cataloging of information of a biological nature.

Promote research and the transfer of own knowledge in the field of biology, directly or indirectly through the beneficiaries, collaborators and/or related, disinterested and/or interested persons.

Contribute to the cultural and educational enrichment of the educational community, through access to this knowledge.

Our beginnings…

Bernat Garrigós and the natural park of Aiguamolls de l’Empordà had organized several dives in the marine area in front of the reserve of the cans. Those first activities had culminated, in 2016, in a first cartography – detailed but partial – of the gram meadow. These results generated enough interest and the Generalitat developed a first map, in 2018, which announced a meadow of 800 hectares of Cymodocea nodosa . That’s when Garrigós and the publishing house Lynx promote a new project that occupies a space in the dissemination and conservation of the marine natural environment: the Alive Foundation.
Alive thus focused its efforts on monitoring this space and publishing the species census in the SeaLife Collection, on the iNaturalist platform.
Later, in 2021, the foundation and the Club Nàutic de l’Escala organize MedFoto, the first photography competition in the Mediterranean. The contest was born with the will to permanence and as one of dissemination to reach very diverse sectors of people.
At the end of 2021, the foundation incorporates its own staff, making the leap to an already fully professionalized organization.

Organizational structure

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