Complaints channel

Alive Foundation has the firm will to be an entity committed to ethics and compliance with the law and values ​​very positively and encourages its members, staff, and other related third parties to alert and communicate possible illegal behavior.

For this reason, a complaint channel is available for staff, users, suppliers, collaborators, sponsors, funders, among others, as well as for other related third parties, in order to attend to all types of communications, inquiries or complaints related to irregularities or breaches, both of the internal regulations and of the applicable legislation and of the possible problems that may exist at Alive Fundació.

In this way, the governing body of the Foundation will be able to act accordingly in order to avoid risks to the entity. A complaint is considered to imply the illegal, irregular or inconvenient state of any action carried out by Alive Fundació.

The Channel allows for completely anonymous communications, if desired. The personal data provided to the Channel will be treated in accordance with current data protection regulations.

Complaints channel policy
  1. The Complaints Channel is a fundamental tool for monitoring possible irregular conduct that may arise in the development of the Foundation’s activity, also promoting transparency and the identification of possible areas of improvement for the entity.

  2. The Complaints Channel is accessible and public through the website

  3. It is available to all interest groups linked to the Foundation, it can be used by all of them: volunteers, donors, companies, suppliers, entities, collaborators, etc.

  4. The Complaints Channel can be used anonymously. It is recommended, however, to provide the contact details in order to be able to follow up. Alive Fundació undertakes not to take any legal action or disciplinary measure against the issuer of a complaint made in good faith.

  5. All the information provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and the identity of the reporting person cannot be communicated without their consent. However, the data may be provided to the administrative and judicial authorities if necessary for any procedure arising from the complaint. The transfer of data will always be carried out following the legislation on the protection of personal data in force.

  6. In every complaint received, the right to privacy, defense and the presumption of innocence of the persons subject to the complaint is guaranteed. The persons responsible for the Complaints Channel may delegate the management of those complaints that involve a conflict of interest.

  7. The Complaints Channel procedure is:

    1. Access is made through a web page where you can choose the channel for sending the complaint.

    2. The persons designated as responsible for the Complaints Channel will receive the information and proceed to manage it, using all the resources necessary to investigate the facts.

    3. A final report will be prepared with the conclusions of the investigation, which will be brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees. Appropriate disciplinary action or sanctions will be taken.

    4. The complaint processing process will be carried out as quickly as possible, establishing a response time of a maximum of 30 working days. In the event that it is not possible to respond within the established deadline, the issuer of the complaint will be informed indicating the new response deadline.