We promote the Empordà Rivers Project

Through the new collaboration between the Alive Foundation and the Habitats Association, the rooting of the project in Muga and Fluvià will be encouraged.

The Alive Foundation has signed a collaboration agreement with the Habitats Association to provide financial support to the Rivers project and promote it in the Alt Empordà region.

Rivers project image

The Rius project is an environmental volunteer initiative with more than 25 years of history and present throughout Catalonia. It focuses on the knowledge and monitoring of river ecosystems. On the one hand, the public is made aware of the values ​​of these spaces and, on the other, through the action of volunteers, dozens of river sections are periodically analyzed following a scientific methodology. On the other hand, active citizenship is promoted in the monitoring and care of these fluvial spaces.

The set of data collected by the different groups of volunteers is centralized in the database and web viewer of the Habitats entity , is used for scientific research and is shared with the competent administrations.

The task of the volunteer consists of sponsoring a stretch of river or stream close to the place of residence, carrying out ecological monitoring and undertaking small improvement actions if necessary. All together, with the support of the technical team, which offers training, support, tools and resources to volunteers.

In order to train the volunteers and encourage the incorporation of new members to the Rivers project, a series of training activities are held in different parts of the territory.

The Habitats Association and the Alive Foundation are interested in maintaining and creating new volunteer groups in the Muga and Fluvià basins, and to have greater stability in obtaining data in these two spaces.

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